Matatu Matters

I strongly think that one of the things that makes Kenya Kenya and not any other country on the planet is the matatu culture. Matatus unite us because the experiences we share regarding them are almost similar. Mostly rogue drivers.  Their ability to break many traffic rules (only second to the motorbike association who actually … Continue reading Matatu Matters



Great. So April came with a beautiful start. And a great realization too. That I'm dumber than some 5th graders (who I, after a bit of calculus, realized are just class 5 kids) somewhere in the world. Well, if you have watched the movie Wonder, you probably already know where I'm headed with this. So … Continue reading Precepts


Goodness goodness goodness. It's been a while since any activity took place here. I've had to get some sweeping done by the way. I've also changed the vitambaa on the sofas. The amount of dust that had gathered here in this house, can be described by only one word, horrendous. Anyway, I'm here to seek … Continue reading Almost